About Us

At PoSHtrainer, we understand the critical importance of fostering a respectful and secure work environment, and we are dedicated to providing organizations with the tools and expertise they need to achieve compliance and promote a culture of equality.

We are passionate about helping corporate build a culture of inclusion, drive diversity and create a foundation grounded in safety of all employees against sexual harassment.

We are one of India’s first end-to-end compliance service providers which helps organisations comply with their legal obligations related to PoSH.

Our mission is to develop engaging and interactive training modules (both online and offline) on Gender Sensitization and PoSH. We help organizations stay PoSH compliant and also help in empanelment of External Panel Members.

Currently headquartered at Gujarat, PoSH Trainer has the capability to handle PoSH training and compliance requirements of clients across the country

Why Us?

Our Faculty

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in PoSH compliance and associated services. We stay abreast of the latest developments in legislation, providing our clients with accurate and up-to-date information.

Shivani Bose

She is a PoSH certified trainer  and  has been instrumental in implementing PoSH across industries. A Post Graduate  in Human Resources , she  has more than 15 years’ experience in conducting sessions on gender sensitization and women empowerment.. She is also an NLP certified counselor. She is an external panel member of ICC for various companies. She has conducted several workshops  on  Gender  sensitization  and PoSH awareness and had counselled several clients facing mental wellness and gender bias issues.

Debjani Roy

A Human Resource and L&D professional with 25+ years of Corporate experience, with an established reputation of providing transformative people leadership across, Debjani is an eminent PoSH trainer. She has been  a CHRO and Chairperson of the POSH ICC in 3 companies.

She has  dual post graduate degrees in International Relations from JNU, New Delhi as well as in Masters in Business Administration from FMS, Delhi University.


Fred Braganza

Business & HR Coach

Fred is an HR Coach and a Business Partner (with over 30 years of experience) who helps Organizations achieve Stability, Sustainability and Scalability in their businesses. His interventions are designed to bring about an impact in the area of Growth Strategy, Operations and People Management. 


Nimisha Parekh

PoSH Trainer

Nimisha Parekh has an experience of more than 10 years in  the field of Soft skills training. In addition , she is also a  certified PoSH trainer  and consultant. She excels in Personality Development and has been working with a renowned institute training the hotel and aviation industry students. She is also working with corporates to train them on Behavioral skills and PoSH compliance. 

Award and accolades