Training for ICC Members


The ICC training is an important part of complain redressal process and is helpful in making the Internal Complaints Committee learn about the important elements of the compliance under the Act. The ICC training workshop shall focus on the following :-

  • Role & Responsibilities of  internal complaints committee
  •  The powers assigned ICC under PoSH ACT.
  • Methodology for conducting inquiry on Sexual Harassment complaint
  • Understanding concepts such as Evidence, Summons. Understanding formal & informal complaints and complaints mechanism including timelines.
  • Handling of complaints (things to keep in mind).
  • Important guidelines which ICC is required to comply  while conducting the sexual harassment inquiry
  • The  timelines for resolving complains as defined under the Act which ICC needs to follow while investigating a complaint
  • Recommendations to be given.
  • Understanding conciliation and the  process to be followed for  conciliation
  •  Detailed insights on what is a frivolous compliant and complete procedure to handle it