How to become a PoSH trainer

Preventing sexual harassment (PoSH) has become an essential aspect of corporate culture across the world. PoSH trainers are professionals who specialize in educating individuals and organizations on the various forms of sexual harassment and how to prevent it. Becoming a PoSH trainer is an excellent career option, but it requires specialized skills and training. In this article, we will explore how to become a PoSH trainer.

Full Form of   POSH?

Full form of POSH is (Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplace). According to this act, it presents prevention of sexual harassment of women. India’s Prevention of Sexual Harassment withinside the Workplace (PoSH) Act calls for each company to have a sexual harassment policy, prevention system, procedure and service rules for its employees.

What is POSH training?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) is a regulation enacted below the POSH Act of 2013. The PoSH Act prevents protects women in the workplace from sexual harassment. This additionally consists of offering remedies for the breach.
POSH training workshops are a method used by organizations to educate their employees about Sexual harassment in the workplace and make them aware of everything that is included.  POSH awareness training also clarifies additionally clarifies corrective mechanisms to take withinside the event of an incident with yourself or a colleague. Timely training can avoid legal issues and also maintain a healthy work environment.

Why do we need a POSH trainer?

We need a POSH trainer because they work as a trusted advisor and works on all the issues related to prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace. They help the Internal Committee members in regulating the POSH cases whenever required.

So, let’s understand How one can become PoSH Trainer

1. Understand the Concept of PoSH

The first step in becoming a PoSH trainer is to understand the concept of PoSH and its relevance in the workplace. You must understand the various forms of sexual harassment, including verbal, physical, and psychological harassment, and how they impact individuals and organizations. It is also crucial to have knowledge of the legal framework governing sexual harassment in your country or region.

2. Gain Relevant Education and Training

To become a PoSH trainer, you need to have a relevant educational background and training. A degree in social work, psychology, human resources, or law is an excellent foundation for a career as a PoSH trainer. Additionally, specialized training programs, workshops, and certifications in PoSH will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a PoSH trainer. You can also enrol in online courses or attend seminars to enhance your knowledge and skills.

3. Gain Relevant Work Experience

Work experience in the field of human resources, social work, psychology, or law is essential for becoming a PoSH trainer. It will help you understand the practical aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace and how to address them. You can gain work experience by working as an HR manager, legal advisor, social worker, or a similar role in organizations that deal with issues related to sexual harassment.

4. Develop Communication and Presentation Skills

Effective communication and presentation skills are crucial for PoSH trainers. You must be able to communicate complex ideas and concepts to individuals and groups in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, you must be able to tailor your presentations and training sessions to the specific needs of your audience.

5. Network with PoSH Professionals

Networking with other PoSH professionals will help you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the field. You can attend conferences, seminars, and workshops to meet other PoSH professionals and exchange ideas and best practices. Networking will also help you build relationships with potential clients and employers.

6. Create a PoSH Training Program

Creating a PoSH training program is an excellent way to showcase your skills and expertise as a PoSH trainer. You can design a comprehensive training program that covers various aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace, including prevention, reporting, and resolution. Your training program should also include case studies and interactive activities to engage your audience.

7. Market Your Services

Marketing your services is essential for attracting clients and employers. You can create a website, social media profiles, and a portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and expertise. Additionally, you can reach out to potential clients and employers through networking and advertising. Marketing your services will help you build a strong reputation as a PoSH trainer and increase your chances of securing contracts and employment opportunities.


Becoming a PoSH trainer is an excellent career option for individuals who are passionate about preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. It requires specialized knowledge and skills in areas such as human resources, psychology, law, and communication. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can develop the necessary skills and expertise to become a successful PoSH trainer.

In the ultimate analysis, it can be said that PoSH training is an inevitable duty that every organization or corporate company should fulfil. With the inevitability of PoSH training come the safety of the employees and the reputation of the firm. Therefore, enrol yourself in the best TTT course to become a top-notch POSH trainer.