Why External Training is good for POSH?

POSH, stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, 2013. Even if we stand here in the 21st century, we require this training as we as humans have grown with faulty roots. Inequality gets learnt, but equality needs teaching. That’s why PoSH training is so vital for the employees to feel safe and secure for the betterment of the organization all together.

All the unwanted, unwelcome and unsolicited acts which come under sexual harassment creates fear in the mind of employees.  PoSH training will help the employees to create awareness and educate their employees.  It also throws attention on the redressal mechanism, which many people won’t be aware of in the first place.

Sexual harassment is a very sensitive issue, it is legally mandatory to conduct PoSH training, or else the firm would have to pay penalties up to Rs 50000. It is a very sensitive topic as it has many unpredictable consequences too.

Why external training then?

The training will have a much-needed impact on the audience regarding education them about the provisions of the Act. It is important to educate women to follow the correct mechanism in case of any sexual harassment. It is equally important to educate men and make them aware which behaviour leads to sexual harassment.

  1. The external trainer shall be able to make the team aware about real life cases of PoSH which an internal trainer might not be aware of. The training shall be more practical and will be free from bias, as an external body, the trainees will be having a more neutral mindset which will not allow any preconceived notions.
  • Also, it will help to save time of internal trainers of the company who don’t have an expertise on the PoSH act. Hiring external trainers will provide alignment to the firm and provide new development paths, especially beneficial to those firms which don’t have access to advance technologies.

Department managers and business owners usually find themselves tied up in a lot of work and responsibilities, which don’t leave enough time in their hands for training of employees, and even if he/she takes up the training, it wouldn’t be the best foot forward.

  • The trainer shall be able to offer insights regarding the latest cases of PoSH and how they were handled by the committee.
  • There are lot of cases which fall under the purview of misunderstood cases. Only a person who has experience in handling such cases can help the participants understand the difference between real complaints, misunderstood complaints & frivolous complaints.
  • The trainer shall be able to resolve any queries that the participants have as per the provisions of the Act.
  • Moreover, there have been amendments made in the act from time to time. The external trainer shall have knowledge of latest amendments in the act which an internal trainer which not be aware of.

The objective of conducting PoSH session is to ensure prevention of such cases. Therefore, hiring an external trainer makes business sense as it would create a better impact on the audience through detailed discussion of the Act and real-life scenarios they have faced.

Shivani Bose is a PoSH certified trainer and has been instrumental in implementing PoSH across industries. She is an external panel member of ICC for various companies. She has conducted several workshops on Gender sensitization and PoSH awareness and had counselled several clients facing mental wellness and gender bias issues.

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